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How To Become an IAS Officer In 2024: Best Strategy

If you dream to become an IAS officer then you definitely want to know “How To Become an IAS Officer”. It is one of the important services of the Government of India.

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How To Become an IAS Officer

A person can become an IAS officer and join the government only after passing the compulsory entrance exam. IAS is a famous and popular career choice for many aspirants who want to work in the government. Tell us exactly how we can become IAS.

Who is an IAS officer?

Most of the candidates who have achieved the highest rank in the Research Service are given the IAS award. IAS officers are responsible for implementing the laws passed by Parliament in their jurisdiction. They also play an important role in creating new laws or regulations. IAS officers also serve as Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, etc. They can perform tasks.

Talking about the salary of IAS officer, it depends on different criteria. Includes first rate, advanced rate and super time. Fee Levels There are different fee levels. They also take DA, TA. Here salary increment is on the basis of Senior Secretary, Apex, Super Time Scale.

Skills to become IAS

  • patriotic person
  • unique thinking
  • quality of leadership
  • Curiosity
  • Patience
  • analytical ability
  • time management
  • communication skills
  • decision making
  • think beyond imagination

How to prepare for IAS after 12th?

How to prepare for IAS after 12th?

A frequently asked question from candidates is how to become IAS after 12th class or how to join civil service after 12th if you still decide to join civil service at a young age. Or if you want to apply for UPSC exam to become an IAS officer, you need to be a graduate from a recognized university in any field.

Hello friends, if you are preparing for IAS after 12th grade or thinking of becoming IAS, in today’s article we will give you all the information about IAS, how to become an IAS, what is the full form of IAS and how to become one. How to becomes IAS. What is required to study for IAS? What is the percentage required for IAS in class 12th? How much years take to become an IAS officer? We will tell you which subjects are required for IAS graduation and also which is the best book for IAS preparation.

Becoming an IAS is too hard . Let us tell you that this job is considered as the most important job in Indian Civil Service and thousands of candidates are preparing for this job but only a few candidates work hard and work in a disciplined manner.

You know if you want to become an IAS then you should have a bachelors degree so that you are eligible for giving UPSC Entrance Examination. This means that you can take the exam if you graduate. However, senior students can also apply.

Who Conducts IAS Exam

In India IAS exam is regulated and control by UPSC.

What is Union Public Service Commission?


Before independence, the IAS exam was conducted in the United Kingdom. Nationalists started a political movement and demanded its establishment in India. The first Service Commission was established in October 1926. After independence, it was renamed the Federal Service Commission and was established under Article 315 of the Constitution.

Major examinations control by the UPSC

  • Indian Administrative Service
  • National Defense Service
  • Indian Police Service
  • geological service
  • Indian Revenue Service
  • Indian Economic and Statistical Service
  • Special Category Railway Trainee Service
  • Indian Engineering Service
  • joint medical service
  • Central Police Service
  • joint defense service

Courses to become IAS

  • BA
  • B.B.A.
  • BJMC
  • BCom
  • BSc
  • B Tech
  • MA
  • MBA

Qualification to become an IAS officer

  • U.G degree is must required.
  • Candidates who are in the last attempt and waiting for results can apply for exam preparation.
  • A document showing that you have a bachelor’s degree in order to take the Civil Service Main Exam.
  • The degree must be added to the major exam application.
  • 6 tests for General and EWS, 9 tests for OBC, SC/ST (
  • Eligible Age Limit)The minimum age limit to appear for the IAS exam is 21 years and the upper age is 32 years.

Stages of IAS Exam

The IAS examination is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission in three stages-

  • preliminary examination
  • main exam
  • Interview


Identify the list of qualified candidates by position and then interview according to the number of positions, the total score of this interview is 275 word points.

Base of selection

Selection Guidelines Candidates who have cleared the three stages of the IAS exam will be selected for posts in the Indian Administrative Service and the highest ranked candidates will be selected for IAS jobs. In addition, junior officers are selected to other posts and promoted to IAS posts after several years of service. Application will be made based on performance in the preliminary exam and interview.

Types of IAS officers

Project Manager: The Regional Manager is responsible for various development activities carried out in the Department. The role of the line manager is to manage the work of various departments.

Divisional Commissioner: The Divisional Commissioner is responsible for all administrative activities including law and order, revenue management and development management at the divisional level. The District Commissioner is responsible for the revenue management of his department and is responsible for holding hearings against the Registrar’s orders. He manages and supervises the work of all departments of public administration in his department.

District Magistrat: responsible for the administration of the district. It is the main representative of the necessary collaborations with labor organizations in the region. As the tax collector, he is responsible for collecting taxes in the county.

Executive Director: The Executive Director ensures coordinated work. He chairs the executive committee established to address integration issues and makes recommendations to the Secretary on related matters.

Cabinet Secretary: The General Secretary heads the central government. It acts as a link between the country’s politics and the public service. The committee’s responsibilities include overseeing and coordinating the work of various projects.

Preparation (How to prepare for IAS)

The sequences of the IAS exam are written in such a way that only qualified people can appear, so you should adjust the preparation level accordingly and prepare accordingly.

Understand the Syllabus

Once you decide to become an IAS, you must understand its instructions well. You must prepare yourself by understanding all the instructions for both Prelims and Mains exams. Prepare for both exams by studying separately. Carefully remove the symbols for each element of your pattern so that you can better remember the entire pattern.


Being an IAS requires patience and for this your determination must be very strong. You also need to be confident.

Prepare according to the time table

If you are still dreaming of becoming an IAS then you should prepare yourself from the very beginning by giving appropriate time to each subject.

Prepare your own notes (IAS Notes)

While preparing for IAS you need to write your own essays which will help you remember more. And the editing will be great.


Once you complete all the instructions of IAS, you need to revise it. The more you review, the easier it will be to pass the exam.

Which subject should be taken to become an IAS?

Candidates can choose the stream they want in the 12th grade.

What is the salary of IAS?

According to the Seventh Pay Commission, the starting salary of an IAS officer is INR 56,000 per month.

How to prepare for IAS after 12th?

Candidates who have passed the exam and are waiting for their results can also apply for the exam in advance. However, in order to take the Civil Services Main Exam, you must prove that you have a bachelor’s degree. The degree must be included in the main exam application.

Who was the first IAS officer of India?

Satyendranath Tagore was the first Indian Cracked IAS

What is the job of an IAS officer?

The duties of IAS officers include formulating policies and advising the administration on various matters, maintaining law and order, monitoring compliance with state and federal laws, adjudicating on revenue and taxation, including auditing the use of public funds.

It manages the day-to-day operations of the government, including the review and implementation of key policies, such as budget management and consultation with the Minister. It manages the day-to-day operations of the government, including the review and implementation of key policies, such as budget management and consultation with the Minister. Like running the day-to-day business of government.

When we can start preparing for IAS exam?

Start IAS Preparations There is no age requirement. However, the minimum age to appear for the IAS exam is 21 years.


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